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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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today president trump is expected to unveil his $4 trillion budget plan, the impact major cuts could have on california. good morning. it's tuesday, may 23rd. >> let's start with a check of traffic and weather. jacqueline is tracking our morning commute. last time you were on air you were trying to give us these pennies, but you won't on camera. >> today is national lucky penny day. the saying, find a penny, pick it up, have good luck all day. >> i thought you were giving us a penny for our thoughts. >> thank you. >> drivers, not too lucky on the roadways this morning. we're tracking delays, if you're headed to the bay bridge toll plaza, but a new crash just coming in, along southbound 101, right near candlestick. speeds are in the green moving at the limit along that
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stretch. emergency vehicles are on scene. give them room if you're going through there. san mateo bridge, looking good, although it's getting crowded, about a 14-minute ride out of hayward heading into foster city, and down in the south bay, a major accident northbound 101, at dunn avenue, quite a bit of fluid from this crash leaking on the roadway causing a big backup. right now, about a 13-minute travel time. that's a check of your traffic. let's get the forecast. >> i love being in control of my camera views. what a view here. season that beautiful, the tiptop of the tower, beginning the rise over the city of san francisco. how about this view? check and see if we can like this one. do you like this one? this is looking in a northerly direction. we have lots of clear skies
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above that compressed deck of marine layer roughly about 1200 feet deep. 50 degrees in santa rosa, 59 in livermore. the winds of breezy along the coast, dialing back at sfo the half moon bay, southwest at 7. we've had a breeze in fairfield this morning, up to 15. the winds will be more consistent later today, westerly, 10-20, more of an on- shore push. 50s at the beaches, 70s and 80s around the peninsula, and we're bringing down the temperatures. 85 in san jose, down from 95 yesterday, livermore, high 80s, low 90s, same around brentwood and the discovery bay area. 70s and 80s around the carquinez strait, and stinson beach, overcast, 60s, and we'll talk about the memorial day hold, and that forecast is coming up in 18 minutes after
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the hour. right now, let's go to michelle. developing now, investigators remain at the scene of a deadly concert explosion. at least 22 people are dead and dozens more injured and we just learned one victim was an 8- year-old girl. just about an hour ago isis claimed responsibility for the blast that happened near the entrance of the manchester arena, just minutes after ariana grande left the stage. >> oh, my god. >> inside the venue, there was confusion, screaming and then panic. the concert was attended mostly by young fans, and manchester police believe the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber. this morning a 23-year-old man has also been arrested in connection. >> we believe the attacker was carrying an explosive devise which he decimated, causing this atrocity. >> the u.s. department of homeland security is monitoring
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the situation in the uk, and there's no indication of a specific credit bell threat involving music venues in the u.s. this morning many are reacting to the attack on twitter, including grande herself, who was not injured. she tweeted, quote, broken, fr bottoof my heart, i ham so sorry. i don't have words. universal music group, they posted a statement on facebook, in part, writing, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this. >> president trump is weighing in on the attack, saying, in part, the u.s. stands in solidarity with the people of the united kingdom. >> so many young, beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives, murdered by evil losers in life. i won't call them monsters because they would like that term. >> the president made those comments after a meetwien
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today marks the final day in the middle east. on the next leg, he'll travel to rome to meet pope francis and brussels to seenato leaders. >> deep cuts to federal social programs. we talk about how it would affect americans. >> you may not be surprised to know it has a trustesque name, calling the budget the foundation for american greatness, including a total of $3.6 trillion in spending cuts, and it would drive millions of people off of foot stamps and proposes an $800 billion cut in medicaid. it also includes an increase in funding for infrastructure programs by $200 billion, and a $25 billion plan to give parents six weeks of paid leave when they have a baby. it protects retirement programs for the elderly and provides billions of dollars more for the military, but the rest of the government would see the
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bulk of the these reductions and that's across the board, college loans, social security disability insurance, and federal employee pension benefits, just to maim a few. house minority leader nancy pelosi tweeted about the budget plan saying, americans won't stand by as trump continues his assault on their well-being, hashtag #trumpcuts and it will be a big fight 'in congress, despite the fact republicans controlled both houses, and the lawmakers would have to go back and answer to the constituents. >> thank you very much. deep in the penaltity phase for convicted killedder torres. today the defense is back at work painting a sympathetic picture for the jury. yesterday the mother of convicted killer garcia-torres took the stand making an emotional plea to stair her son from the death penalty. she went as she spoke of her son's harsh childhood with an abusive father.
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he was found guilty for kidnapping and killing morgan hill teenager lamar. he's facing the death penalty or life in prison without parole. today san jose city council men's are expected to support a state bill forcing landlords to come clean in their rental units are located in potential flood zones. we are live in san jose with the details on this push to protect renters. sandra? >> reporter: kenny, something that is still too fresh in the memories of people that live here in san jose, the devastating and historic floods that happened here within the year, causing $50 million in damages. and many of the people that were impacted were renters who actually had no idea that they were i am flood zones until it was time to be evacuated. you'll remember some of the very scary images as the waters from the creek went through properties. now new proposed legislation would require landlords to give written notice to potential renters if their property is in
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certain designated floods zones before a lease is signed. former san jose city councilman proposed the bill and says this bill, quote, will help to ensure that they, tenants, were aware of the threat of potential flooding and can make informed decisions as to whether to acquire flood insurance. there's also push-back on this. the california apartment association say this is makes things difficult on landlords to have confusion trying to figure out if in fact their property is in those specific designated flood zones requiring notice to renters. what's happening today is that the answer hose city council is expected to vote to lend support to this bill. it's already gone through two committees and expected to go to the assembly floor as early as next week. kpix 5. 6:08, a live look at sfo where major delays are expected this memorial day weekend. next, why the airport says it can't postpone repair work.
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the fog that worked its way into the sfo area, that will knock back the temperatures inland today. we'll have the memorial day forecast coming up. we're tracking delays, not only at the bay bridge toll plaza, but the earlier crash here, more details coming up. why some parents in dublinare upset on where they want to build a new high school.
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(store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. plans for a new school in the east bay has some parents reeling,. >> where the dublin high school would be built, the plan, putting it up across the street from the jail. we are live with the story in
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dublin. >> reporter: it's still in the proposal phase but i'm standing here in front of the jail and this is what we know is home to thousands of county inmates. but it could soon be just a short walk away from a planned high school. now, it's still in the proposal phase. there's other areas they're considering, but this would be an office complex near gleeon and that proposal has parents up in arms. they worry about sex offenders possibly being released, criminals possibly being released, and what would happen then. the district says there's anelementary school that has been in the areas for years and has not been a problem but they say the decision was dictated by dollars. >> they are coming to be dropped off for high school, while they are here for high school and after-school activities and when they are picked up, there could be individuals from the jail walking right by them. >> reporter: the location is not the only issue parents have. they say the school would be
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too small to accommodate thousands of students in the growing community, and just at 12 acres, too small sue include any sports field. tonight parents plan on packing a meeting that will be held at the dublin high school sports complex at 6:30, when the school board is expected to take up the proposal. reporting live in dublin, kpix 5. >> injuries parks is there any sense of how many students the new high school would enroll? >> reporter: well, if the community continues to grow at its current pace, it could be thousands. over the next seven years the district expects enrollment to go up by 6300 students. back to you. >> thank you very much. right now track repair work has sparked a 10-minute delay at daly city bart in the east bay and milbrae directions. the maintenance work stems from a derailment at the station on saturday. two train cars were damaged, as well as a section of track and a third rail. nobody riding the train was hurt. bart is working to figure out
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how the derailment happened. a live look at sfo where flights are expected to be delayed this memorial day weekend, and also this morning, flights arriving later this morning, delayed an average of 31 minutes due to weather and also the delay is because of maintenance work that needs to be completed on the tarmac before the summer rush the. work on the $35 million repaving project scheduled to start at 10:00 friday night and last throughout monday afternoon. >> very busy weekend. >> happy travels. >> yes. a busy weekend at the airport. call ahead certainly. >> we're staying put. we're going to be here for carnaval. >> we're ready. >> the 39th annual. how are the roads? >> we were showing the delays at the airport and with we also have problems along 101 near sfo due to debris in the roadway, causing drivers to swerve around if you're heading northbound. also, a crash, southbound 101,
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right near candlestick park, an overturned vehicle -- excuse me -- last checked, no delays, because they cleared it to the divide, but emergency crews are holding traffic so they can get the car back over to the right shoulder for the tow truck. traffic is backed up to about 3rd avenue. give yourself extra time. a look at 101, 380, and it looks like traffic is doing owing south of that crash. that is a check of your traffic. let's get a check on the forecast. i'm just loving this blanket. low clouds and fog here, the city of san francisco, wow, and you can just see the tiptop of the cranes working on the tower as it continues the rise over the city of san francisco, overtaking the transamerica pyramid, becoming the tallest building in san francisco. we're at 50 in santa rosa now. san jose, clear skies there.
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good mourning to katie, our weather watcher in hayward, 55 degrees. thank you very much for checking in with us. she's not reporting any wind. the wind has been dialing back, wester live at 10 mph in san francisco, a fluctuating wind chill at after moon bay, calm in pleasanton, southwest breeze in fairfield. the winds are more on shore this afternoon, westerly, 10-20 mph. see this gray here off the coast, that is the marine layer, roughly about 1200 feet deep this morning, and it's going to take a while to see clearing at the coast. we have the cooler air mass aloft, a tad cooler in the inland areas as the ridge of high pressure flattens. significant cooling bins wednesday inland and sunshine away from the coast for memorial day. this is the huge ridge here, encompassing the entire state of california. it's flattening. the jetstream, more of a zonal
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flow westerly, encouraging this marine lay tear push farther inland tomorrow morning at this time. so you'll wake up at the tri valley and delta, areas of low clouds, and they'll dial back but hang out at the seashore. sacramento, 97 degrees, currently in the 30s in the high sierra, up to 71 degrees. 64 degrees, monterey bay, caramel, back through big sir, and triple digits, fresno, modesto. 5:53, official sunrise, setting at 8:19. 60s throughout the
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peninsula. the outside number is 90 towards the delta, 90 in pleasanton. the dop-off wednesday and thursday, the numbers are more seasonal, back into the low 80s incident land. for the hold, we have ourselves some baseball, the a's return home and the mariners are in town. we have jessie hahn on the mound, 64 degrees at 7:05, and looking ahead to the weekend right the 39th annual carnaval, both days, but the parade starts on sunday, and an average high, in the mid-60s, but in the beginning of the parade, a little overcast. michelle, i know you don't like driving so much. what do you have? >> this is something i may need. tesla co says the company will roll out new auto-pilot software next month. he took to sweat writing, quote, excited about the tesla auto-pilot software release
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rolling out next month. new control algorithm, smooth as silk, only deployed to second generation tesla cars. the june update activates the rain sensors and allow the cars to park themselves into perpendicular spaces. spotted on 101 in palo alto, an apple self-driving car. the video shows it's a lexus outfitted with cameras and gadgets. right now it's unclear if apple will be a supplier for auto makers. instagram is looking more and more like snapchat. location stories let's users see stranger stories. but two months ago they released a similar feature, senate chat, called story search. >> the sunrise-sunset report is
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the warriors didn't break any records in the regular season this year and they did it perhaps with the playoffs in mind. last night it paid off becoming the first team ever to go 12-0 in the potential season. the spurs waved the white flag basically. this might be the final game of his. in the 1st quarter, durant, blowing by green, the hoop, the foul, 10 of 13 from the floor with 29 points. floor, 29 points. he was ready to go through the second nba finals and showed in this series on both ends of the floor murray's block-up, not once but twice by durant. the warriors up 11 in the 3rd quarter, and
6:25 am
he later steps back, hits another one, pushing the lead to 18. curry, 36 points, the warriors advance to the third straight nba finals against a injury- depleted spurs team. [cheering-applause] regardless of highs on who is on the floor, you still have to play. >> given the injuries to the spurs and your relationship with the coach, how much sympathy do you have? you have for him? >> he said it before the series even started. he called and we talked and laughed and he said, hey, i love you. i told him i loved him, and he said, but you know, once this starts, we're going to try to kick your >> what appears to be a cavs- warriors series, but the cavs have business to take care still against boston. quickly, double dose of good news, the giants win over chicago last night, beating them 6-4. see
6:26 am
you tonight! lawmakers are proposing changes for landlords after the historic flooding in san jose earlier this year. i'll tell what you that means no renters, coming up. plus, at least 22 people are now dead after an apparent suicide bombing at the pop concert in england, a live report on the investigation underway from manchester coming up next.
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concert chaos after a suicide bombing in england killing 22 people and injuries dozens of others. this morning president trump is
6:30 am
criticizing them. >> they are losers and we'll have more of them. but they are losers, just remember that. >> his comments coming as he finishes a trip overseas, while back at home, questions over the president's connection to russia are intensifying. the deadly concert blast, it's tuesday, may 23rd. >> the time, 6:30, at least 22 people including children were killed and more than 50 others wounded after a male suicide bomber detonated a bomb. >> live from manchester, isis is now claiming responsibility for the attack. terry? >> reporter: kenny and michelle, yes, isis has claimed responsibility, calling the attacker, a quote, soldier. isis is threatened more attacks to come. the bomber has been identified as a 23-year-old, who is from
6:31 am
manchester and who is known to authorities. >> reporter: the blast rocked moments after ariana grande left the stage. at first concert organizers tried to calm people down. >> there's no problems here. >> reporter: then panic set in, triggering a stampede at the sold-out venue. >> people were screaming and literally jumping out of the area. >> authorities in the uk say the attack was carried out by a male suicide bomber near the arena's ticket area. law enforcement officials tell cbs news he traveled to the nearby victoria station by train. they say his remains, as well as ball bearings from an explosive device, have been recovered from the scene. >> we believe at this stage the attack last night was conducted by one man. the priority is to establish whether he was acting alone. >> reporter: the crowd was made up mostly of teens and
6:32 am
their parents, many who had come from out of town to see grande's "dangerous women" tour. the singer, who was not injured in the blast, tweeted her condolences to the victims, writing, in part, that she was broken. this morning british prime minister theresa may shared similar sentiments. >> we struggle to comprehend the warped and twisted mind that see as room packed with young children, not as a think to cherish but of carnage. >> reporter: we know some of the identities of some of the young victims. one was a 18-year-old, reported a super fan of ariana grande,
6:33 am
and an 8-year-old also has died. back to you. >> devastating. do we know anything else about the victims hurt? >> reporter: well, there was 59 victims who were injured and, you know, theirs injuries range, we're told, anywhere from cuts and scrapes and bruises to major trauma. the prime minute enter said some of the victims were suffering life-threatening injuries, reports of shrapnel, others being paralyzed by the shrapnel, so a wide range of physical injuries and many more psychological injuries. reporting live from manchester,kpix 5. >> the outside department of homeland security is closely -- the u.s. department of homeland security is closely monitoring this issue. now, security experts are
6:34 am
weighing in with survival issues. one expert says to do this. >> get down, as low to the ground as possible. do the assessment where the threat is. if you don't have a clear path to be able to get out, then you should hide, barricade yourself, and you should arm yourself with improvised weapons. >> reporter: he also says bringing a flashlight to concert can help you stay proactive and alert in case of an emergency. this morning president trump is weighing in on the attack from bethlehem. >> in today's attack, it was mostly innocent children. the terrorist and extremist and those who give them help and comfort must be driven out from our society forever. >> the president made those
6:35 am
comments after a meeting with the palestinian president. yesterday, trump revisited claims regarding intelligence. >> i never mentioned the word or the name, israel, never mentioned it in the conversation. >> back at home the president's connection to russia is intensifying. a report from the washington post claims that president trump asked two top intelligence officials to publicly deny the existence of any evidence that his 2016 campaign was in collusion. we're following breaking
6:36 am
news now from oakland where a police chase ended in a serious crash. deputies chased a stolen car across the san rafael bridge just before 4:00 this morning. chp officers picked up the chase until the car slam into storage containers. police say the driver was a juvenile who suffered major injuries. now, to a live lookout, the morning rush is about to start with drivers hitting the roads and heading to work. we're monitoring what you can expect, including your forecast. it's hard to see there. it's difficult to decipher that. you have the golden gate bridge and the 580-680 corridor. the live weather camera, the marine layer pushing onshore. this is a view looking north. we have temperatures ranging from 50-59 degrees. winds, 10 mph.
6:37 am
later today, westerly, 10-20. not as hot inland today. well above average still. significant cooling begins inland tomorrow. cooler conditions along the coast. never a big warm-up. 65 degrees, average high, san francisco, spot-on today. 50s, and 70s and 80s around the peninsula. we dip into the mid-and high 80s away from the bay, into the south bay. 90 in danville and pleasanton, and 90 in brentwood and discovery bay. 80s, north bay, the full forecast at 48 after the hour. right now, let's go over to jacqueline. >> good morning. traffic is looking okay along 880 through oakland, both directions, speeds are in the green, especially the northbound direction, a 23- minute ride up towards the maze from 238. we are tracking a new accident, southbound 880, a semi and another vehicle got into it there, expect delays in that stretch.
6:38 am
the san mateo bridge, in the yellow, under a 20-minute commute out of heyward, foster city, and 101, the earlier accident near candlestick, causing a big backup along southbound 101. traffic backed up close to 280 at this point. that is a check of your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. there's a fight in the east bay over a high school. >> plans on where to build a new high school is getting some parents in dublin worked up. right now it's set to go up across the street from the jail. kpix 5 is live in dublin with more. jessica? >> reporter: michelle, i'm standing in front of the jail. this is home to thousands of inmates and tonight the district will decide if they want to build a high school less than a mile away from the jail here. that high school proposed high school, will be at gleason and hacienda. the parents don't want their kids going to school across the street from the jail. many parents worry about sex
6:39 am
offenders and what will happen when they are released from the jail. an elementary school has been in the area for a number of years and there has not been a problem. part of the reason they close this area is because of costs. >> when they are picked up, there could be individuals from the jail walking right by them. >> the jail does not pose an inordinate safety risk. >> reporter: the location is not the only issue. they say the could would be too small to accommodate thousands of students, and at just 12 acres, they say would be too small to include sports facilities. tonight parents are planning on packing the room at a dublin high school sports complex. they want to speak up against this idea and the board is expected to vote at 6:30 tonight. reporting in dublin, kpix 5. today san jose city council is expected to support a stayed
6:40 am
bill tha would require landlords to warn tenants if their unit is in a potential flood zone. we are live in san jose with the fine print and the push- back so far. sandra? >> reporter: kenny, this new legislation would require landlords to let any potential tenants know if the property is in a hazardous flood zone, after the very devastating flooding that happened in san jose earlier this year, taking renters by surprise, several of them, for the knowing they even needed flood insurance, many renters lost possessions and vehicles. you remember the scary images. there's push-back to this proposal, however, the california apartment association says the bill would make things difficult for landlords who are trying to figure out if their property is in the specific designated flu zones that would required them to provide written notices to potential tenants. inted they want to refer rentiers to the state office of emergency services website so the renters them several can find out if their prospective
6:41 am
rental is in a hazardous zone. the author of the bill said, in part, many did not consider the need for flood insurance or assumed that they were covered under the property owners policy. as a result, many lost their possessions, including vehicles. so far this proposal has already passed two committees, the answer owes city council during their meeting, they plan to vote in support. live in san jose, kpix 5. the wife of a sheriff's deputy is due in court today, turning herself in for a crash that left a three-year-old boy dead. 40-year-old mallahan surrendered to chp, booked at the contra costa jail in martinez. last september they allegedly drove while drunk and slam into a car parked on the shoulder of i-680. a 3-year-old, dunn, died of injuries. earlier in the year she had
6:42 am
been arrested on suspicion of dui, her bail is set at $3 million, and she faces up to 11 years in prison. time is 6:42. how soon apple stack may hit a value of -- how soon apple stock may hit a value of trillions of dollars. the dow jones is up about 30 points, coming up, we'll get an update from our financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
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what made two guys build race car engines in their own shop? what made them believe that a two-ton behemoth could compete in a track race? or that they could take on the elite in world motor racing, and win?
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apple stock may hit a value of $1 trillion if 2018. rbc capital is making that prediction. they credit the company's service business and the upcoming iphone 8 for the increase. earlier this month they surpassed the $800 billion mark for the first time ever. a couple of tech heavy weights are settling a dispute and some
6:46 am
big changes may be on the way for twitter. >> let's go to jason. good morning. >> good morning. we'll go right back to apple in a surprise move, apple and nokia have settle their court case over property. it's a big deal. as a result apple will make one big cash payment up front to nokia and also pay over multi- years in licensing nokia's technology. apple puts this case to bed and it can focus its lawyers on the growing case with another one other licensing fees. shares of both cos are heading higher on the nones. there's rumor about twitter starting a subscription service for some time and there may be more meat to that. they report that the ceo told the company at the shareholder's meeting they've been kicking around that idea. while it's important to them that twitter remain free for people around the world, they
6:47 am
say that if enough users want a subscription premium model that's something they would consider doing. stock market is heading higher for the fourth straight session. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing so far this morning. in the early going, the dow jones up 15 points and the nasdaq, negative, down six, the s&p, moving higher by one point. back to you. >> thank you. caltrain is getting the federal money it needs to go electric. the feds have signed off off a month-long fight. the project has been in limbo since the transportation secretary threatened to cancel the grant earlier this year. they will approve the $647 million grant. the project will mean faster and more reliable trains and an increase in services for the peninsula. time is 6:47, people are getting ready for their morning commute. how are things looking? >> they are looking pretty typical right now, which is
6:48 am
busy, if you're making your way out on the roadways, expect delays heading over to many bay area bridges. a live look here, you can see we're in the yellow, traffic starting to back up just a bit as you approach those tolls. give yourself a little extra time heading out the door, very foggy for drivers headed across the golden gate bridge, for the a begun or easy ride. allow extra space between you and the car in front of you. an earlier accident southbound 101 near candlestick park, just after it, involving an overturned vehicle are still has backed up close to 280. expect slowdowns heading in the southbound direction. southbound 880, an accident involving a semi and another vehicle. they got into it there. traffic is backed up beyond the san mateo bridge. in the red, crewing speeds, around 20 mph.
6:49 am
bay bridge toll plaza, that looks fun, 45 minutes from the maze into downtown san francisco, slow stop and go. that is a check of your traffic. back over to you. >> thank you very much. despite the warm weather there's still snow in the sierra, good news for skiers and boarders who want to get in late-season runs. squaw valley, the base depth on the upper mountain, nearly 200 inches, the same amount that the resort received all year during some stretches of the drought. skiing in shorts, how does that sound? >> beautiful. 40 degrees in the greater lake tahoe area. the temperatures goes up to the 70s today, so an aerial flooding watch. overcast conditions, it sure is gray outside. how about another view, sfo the fog working its way into the airport, causing delays, 31 minutes on some arrivals. right now, 50 degrees in santa rosa, overcast.
6:50 am
59 and clear in livermore. high 50s in san jose. good mourning to the weather watchers, bill and linda. ron in concord, as well, sporting temperatures in the 50s. thanks no checking in with us, gang. winds, up to 10 mph, except in fairfield, at 15 mph. 10-20 mph westerly later on, the winds. this marine layer is roughly about 1200 feet deep and it will continue to deepen each day, combining with the cooler air mass, significant cooling in our inland areas on wednesday and then memorial day, we'll have sunshine away from the coast and a little bit warmer than what we're experiencing as we end this workweek, a high pressure, the ridge, flattening out, so this time tomorrow morning, you'll see this jetstream, encouraging the westerly onshore push. through the afternoon, we stay
6:51 am
cloudy at coast, tomorrow morning, and extensive deck of low clouds and fog and the green here, on the screen, the condensation, the drizzle from a very deep marine layer, but no rain in the forecast for the next 10 days. around the state today, 70s in tahoe, 60s around the coast, monterey bay, big sir, 90, in the state capital, 5:53, sunrise, and 80s away from the bay, 90s degrees, the outside number in discovery bay, and cooler wednesday, and we're talking about more seasonal conditions on thursday through saturday, then the holiday weekend, play ball, jessie hahn on the mound as the a's play host to the mariners, temperatures in the 60s, and the 39th annual carnaval, temperatures in the 60s, a fun
6:52 am
time in the city for the holiday. have a great day, everybody. should landlords tell any potential renters if their property is in a flood zone? i'll tell but a new bill that's going to require landlords, if passed. plus, the search continues in manchester, england after an apparent suicide bombing as a concert last night. what investigators are now saying about the attack.
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6:55 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. live this san jose this morning where councilmembers are expected to lend their support for a bill later today that would require landlords to tell any potential tenants if their property is in a hazardous flood zone, coming after the major flooding here
6:56 am
earlier this year, that took many renters by surprise. many of those impacted from the water, from coyote creek, were renters who didn't realize they needed flood insurance. the new proposal would require landlords to give written notice to perspective tenants before a lease is signed. there's some pushes back from the california apartment toes. a representative say this is would add a lot of difficulty and confusion for landlords trying to determine if their property is in specific designated flood zones. the proposal has passed two committees all right. live in san jose, kpix 5. >> time, 6:56, time for your final five. isis claimed responsibility for the apparent suicide bombing that killed 22 people at an ariana grande concert in
6:57 am
manchester, england. police say the attacker died in the blast. this morning police arrested a 23-year-old they say was also involved. >> president trump is weighing in on the attacks from bethlehem saying in part that the u.s. stands in solidarity with the people of the united kingdom. he called the attackers, evil losers. the president made the comments after a meeting with the palestinian president. the defense in the lamar murder trial makes its case in the penalty phase. the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy is due in court today, after she turned herself in for a car crash that killed a 3-year-old boy. roger moore died, known for playing the lead role in seven james bond films, and the family said he died after a short battle with cancer. your ride, foggy across
6:58 am
thegolden gate bridge, and southbound 880, stop and go, and the bay bridge toll plaza, 45-minute ride from the maze in downtown san francisco. welcome to your tuesday. it's our live weather camera, out to the bay bridge, overcast skies there, a gentle breeze, up to about 10. i wanted to feature this again. i know you saw this camera view here, but i wanted to point out the condensation here, and that's how deep the marine layer is. right now, 50 in santa rosa, overcast skies, clear skies in livermore, 61, and clear in an hose, in the high 50s. three things to keep in mind, not as hot inland, down by 5 degrees, out of mid-90s to 90.
6:59 am
you'll feel the difference on that. cooling begins wednesday inland and cooler every up to saturday. temperatures across the bay area today, in the 50s and 60s at the beaches, and i wouldn't bank on much sunshine there. 60s around the bay today and 70s and comfortable around thepeninsula. 90 degrees in discovery bay. brentwood, tracy, the winds west to 20. cooling wednesday, seasonal thursday through saturday, and for that unofficial arrival of summer on monday, for memorial day, we've got your coastal clouds, 50s at the coast, and low 80s in the inland areas. >> those days of barbecuing weather on the coast are limited. >> usually the month of september is when you get the best beach and bay weather, the average high in san francisco is 70. >> looking forward to it.
7:00 am
thank you very much for watching kpix 5 news this morning. >> have a great day. captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, may 23rd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a suicide bomber kills 22 people at an ariana grande concert in manchester, england. police say overnight children are among the victims. we will talk to survivors and witnesses of the worst terror attack in bryn since 2005 -- britain since 2005. >> it targeted thousands as they were leaving the pop concert. the challenges these large events and how the u.s. is taking additional concerts. >> president trump said the manchester victims were murdered by his words evil losers in life and calls on the arab world to re t


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